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Printed Blinds for Schools

We specialise in manufacturing printed blinds for schools. The education sector is in fact where we started. We aim to provide top class quality blinds to schools and colleges around the world.

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Designed, printed and manufactured

Our blinds are proven to help with glare problem on whiteboards, electronic whiteboards and computer screens in schools throughout Ireland and UK.

Printed Blinds for Schools

Our innovative production process involves printing on our special fabric - EcoSunFilter(TM)

The blinds can be printed with any of our many designs prepared specifically for the education sector. We constanty update our selection to coincide with the national curriculum and teacher's suggestions. Please also check our new website Blinds For Schools UK and Blinds For Schools IRELAND for our innovative systems of choosing designs for your windows.

What makes our blinds different?

  • Printed
  • Top quality
  • Save on electricity
  • and more...

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Don't make your students sit in a dark room. Enlighten them today .