Non toxic materials

Our EcoSunFilter(TM) fabric is non toxic and has been tested for harmful substances. Blinds are manufactured using techniques and machinery that leaves a small environmental footprint.

Whiteboards and screens friendly

Our blinds are designed specifically to reduce glare. They are ideal for rooms with whiteboards and computer screens. EXAMPLE

Lets natural light into the classroom

Our innovative fabric blocks up to 97% of UV rays whilst still allowing natural light into the room providing a comfortable working environment.

Flame retardant - top rating - TESTED

Our unique EcoSunFilter(TM) fabric is certified flame retardant, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Child safety - Safety clips

Designed and installed according to NSAI safety standards. All our blinds are equipped with a child safety chain clamp as a prevention for potential strangulation hazards.

Water resistant - Washable

Our unique EcoSunFilter(TM) fabric is totally water resistant and easy to clean. Washable with mild detergent, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Save money on electricity

When using our blinds there is no need to turn on the lights. We are currently conducting energy saving tests to show how much money you actually save.

Will not fray or fade

The side edges of our blinds will not fray. The blind and print will not fade as they are designed to last at least 3 years.

Fungal and bacteria resistant

Thanks to special technologies used in the production of our fabric, it stays resistant to fungus and bacteria, allowing longer lasting and cleaner usage of the blind.


Our unique fabric gives privacy but still allows teachers to see outside clearly. During the day, those outside cannot see in.